Sunday, October 27, 2013

Owner Interview: Porthos

Cheyenne Swizzle Sticks

WIS Name: Porthos
First Name: Jim 
Home State: California
Age: 53
What do you do when you’re not playing HBD or working?: 
Family, reading

Favorite Teams: 

After the strikes I just now follow the sport, and stopped following teams

Choose 4 people you’d like to hang out with for a night (why?): 
U.S. Grant --whiskey drinker, union saver, President
Mark Twain - would be fun to just listen
Howard Cosell -- because before ESPN, there was Howard, and for so many of my early sports memories he was there;
and Hunter S. Thompson, a/k/a Raoul Duke, for sheer lunacy

Funniest or dumbest thing that you have done in last few years: 
No way do I confess that here...

Most Memorable WIS moment: 
Still new at this but based on the TC messages and a mentor signing a projected 93 IFA in Hornsby league was good...

HBD owner that you respect/fear the most (Why?): 
lotta respect for commish Willsauve for doing this blog and update...have not seen this in any other league 

If you could change one thing about Sweet Lou, what would it be?: 
too new to cite anything relevant

If you could change one thing about HBD what would it be?:
Too new to cite anything relevant

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