Thursday, February 7, 2013

Season 1 Draft Review and Grades (Picks 11-20)

11. Hamlet Podsednik - Florida - Current Level: AAA - Position: SP
Looks to be a decent SP for the 11th pick.  He may struggle in the ML with his low vsR and below average rated pitches.   Grade: B

12. Brutus Carpenter - Detroit- Current Level: AAA- Position: SP. 
Traded to LA in season 2. Carpenter should be a decent SP4/5. He could likely pitch 200-250 innings with high BB/low SO numbers.    Grade: C+

13. Midre Fernandez - Kansas City - Current Level: ML - Position: RP. 
Called up in season 3. Decent set up guy who can log 100+ IP. Will have his issues with him only having 1 effective pitch.    Grade: B-

14. Nelson Henry - Louisville - Current Level: UNSIGNED - Position: P   Grade: N/A

15. Marino Maduro - Oakland - Current Level: AAA - Position: CF   
Above average defensive CF with wheels. Wont do much with his bat but can be a terror on the base paths.   Grade: C

16. Daryl Workman - Chicago - Current Level: AAA - Position: 3B  
Looks to be an average skilled ML player. He could hit maybe 20 HR's with a low batting average. He has good speed with average BR ability.   Grade: C

17. Brad Clement - Atlanta - Current Level: ML - Position: 3B 
Was left unprotected by Atlanta in S5. Was the 1st pick (Syracuse) in the R5 draft.
Clement has good power but is mentally challenged when it comes to moving his legs (55 spd / 9 BR). Overall he is a decent value at #17 pick.   Grade: C+

18. Tim Peavy - Mexico City - Current Level: AAA- Position: RP  
Good value pick here. Peavy looks to be a solid set up guy who is above average in all of the important P ratings.   Grade: B+

19. Vance Linebrink - Tampa bay - Current Level: AAA- Position: RP 
Should be a good LR/SU guy.  He has above average vsR annd Control, high velocity and #1 pitch.   Grade: B+

20. Clint Newson - Helena - Current Level: UNSIGNED - Position: P  
Grade: N/A

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Season 1 Draft Review and Grades (Picks 1-10)

  1. Bip Allen - Texas- Current Level: ML - Position: 3B. Solid pick at #1. Was called up in S3. Traded to Louisville in S3. He was an All Star in his 1st full season.   Grade: A
  2. Dave Ferrell  - Pittsburgh - Current Level: ML - Position: SP. Was called up in S5. he will be a solid ROY candidate.   Grade: B+
  3. Ismael Ibanez - New York - Current Level: ML - Position: 3B. Was called up in S5. He will be a solid ROY candidate and perennial Gold Glove candidate.  Grade: A+
  4. Matt Stanton - New Orleans- Current Level: UNSIGNED  Grade: N/A
  5. Alving PimentelSalt Lake City - Current Level: ML - Position: RP. Was called up in S5. Solid RP. Tough to justify taking a RP with the #5 pick, especially one that will probably only get you 50 IP's per season.   Grade: D
  6. Delanor SullivanCincinnati - Current Level: AAA - Position: COF. Traded to Los Angeles in S2. Looks to be a solid ML prospect. Above average in all ratings. Should be a 30HR/30SB guy when he gets to the ML. Grade: B+
  7. Tony EspinosaNorfolk - Current Level: ML- Position: 2B. Traded to New York in S2. Was called up in S4. Average Defensive 2B. Decent ratings, great speed w/ avg BR ability will hinder his SB totals. Will probably end up being a .270 hitter with above average OBP. Grade: C+
  8. Roger StargellOttawa- Current Level: ML- Position: SP. Was called up in S5. Looks to be an average SP5 that can easily get you 200-250 mediocre IP.  Grade: C-
  9. Jerrod HayesLouisville - Current Level: UNSIGNED  - Position: 2B.   Grade: N/A
  10. Carlos Benitez - Los Angeles - Current Level: AAA - Position: SP. Solid pick at #10. Benitez should be a very good SP2 or SP3.   Grade: A-