Saturday, June 8, 2013

Owner Interview

St. Louis Rounders

WIS Name: Bfan05
First Name: Scott
Home State: CA
Age: 36

What do you do when you’re not playing HBD or working?: 
I enjoy watching and betting on horses, playing some video games and hanging out with my wife.

Favorite Teams: 
Oakland A's, Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Blackhawks, and Manchester United

Choose 4 people you’d like to hang out with for a night (why?): 
Mark Cuban because I find him interesting, 
Ruud Van Nistelroy because he is my favorite soccer player of all time, 
Tiger Woods because I am sure he is full of stories
Bill Clinton because I would like to hang out with a former president.

Funniest or dumbest thing that you’ve done in last few years: 
The dumbest thing I have done recently was to get student loans to get my Masters Degree to still be working as a patrol officer :)

Most Memorable WIS moment: 
I am still really new but it would have to be this season in Sweet Lou when in one week I had pitchers throw a no hitter and perfect game.

HBD owner that you respect/fear the most (Why?): 
I am still learning about owners but there have bed two that have been especially helpful to me and that is willsauve and mikes740.

If you could change one thing about Sweet Lou, what would it be?: 
I would like there to be less drama, which it looks like there will be moving forward.

If you could change one thing about HBD what would it be?: 
I would change the budgeting for new teams. I feel it really puts you behind the 8 ball when taking over a new team not being able to set each category how you would like.

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