Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Owner Interview

Texas Wolverines

WIS Name: scootermcray

First Name: Scott

Home State: Dallas, TX

Age: 42

What do you do when you’re not playing HBD or working?: Not much really just chill out around the house, like to cook and play some COD on XBox360, Work long hours so I enjoy my time off.

Favorite Teams: University of Michigan (any and all sports) and Dallas Cowboys/Texas Rangers. Favorite HBD Team is my SLC team in Mays World..

Choose 4 people you’d like to hang out with for a night(why?): My Dad and younger brother both left this world way too early from cancer. 3rd would be Bo Schembechler - Greatest coach ever and 4th would be Supermodel Kate Upton for obvious reasons, but she's also a huge U of M fan which adds to her appeal. "Just need one night that's all"

Funniest or dumbest thing that you’ve done in last few years: Signing that IFA for 31m dollars in Season 5. 'nuff said.

Most Memorable WIS moment: Winning my first trophy with a Team that went 69-93 in the regular season Took out 4 teams that all won over 90-gms that season. Sandberg Season 20. That and the night I drafted Barry Burba in Sand Bricks with the #3 pick.. Look him up one of the best players in all of HBD and still going strong.

HBD owner that you respect/fear the most (Why?): The juggernaut cloudg13 (Baybirds) has built in Kaline is one I can only hope to build one day. mcbain10 is another solid owner I always enjoy going to battle against.
royfranklin is one of my best friends and the reason I got into HBD.. A great guy and friend who I respect a lot.

If you could change one thing about Sweet Lou, what would it be?: Budget restrictions on things like ADV/ HS/COL/INT Scouting/training etc. never made any sense to me. And honestly I never was fond of the world name Sweet Lou.. Are we talking Pinella or Brock ?? Never knew. 

If you could change one thing about HBD what would it be?: Add new home ballparks/cities, change the team uniform colors and ballpark dimensions from time to time like in the MLB or be able to customize them yourself, Have the ability to fire coaches mid season, More quality IFA's and draft classes.. All teams should have the chance to grab a few good players that will actually make the big league in every draft. The top top prospects should be seen by everyone as it is in real life. And have a DITR actually be worth a sh!t just once..

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