Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Season 1 Draft Review and Grades (Picks 1-10)

  1. Bip Allen - Texas- Current Level: ML - Position: 3B. Solid pick at #1. Was called up in S3. Traded to Louisville in S3. He was an All Star in his 1st full season.   Grade: A
  2. Dave Ferrell  - Pittsburgh - Current Level: ML - Position: SP. Was called up in S5. he will be a solid ROY candidate.   Grade: B+
  3. Ismael Ibanez - New York - Current Level: ML - Position: 3B. Was called up in S5. He will be a solid ROY candidate and perennial Gold Glove candidate.  Grade: A+
  4. Matt Stanton - New Orleans- Current Level: UNSIGNED  Grade: N/A
  5. Alving PimentelSalt Lake City - Current Level: ML - Position: RP. Was called up in S5. Solid RP. Tough to justify taking a RP with the #5 pick, especially one that will probably only get you 50 IP's per season.   Grade: D
  6. Delanor SullivanCincinnati - Current Level: AAA - Position: COF. Traded to Los Angeles in S2. Looks to be a solid ML prospect. Above average in all ratings. Should be a 30HR/30SB guy when he gets to the ML. Grade: B+
  7. Tony EspinosaNorfolk - Current Level: ML- Position: 2B. Traded to New York in S2. Was called up in S4. Average Defensive 2B. Decent ratings, great speed w/ avg BR ability will hinder his SB totals. Will probably end up being a .270 hitter with above average OBP. Grade: C+
  8. Roger StargellOttawa- Current Level: ML- Position: SP. Was called up in S5. Looks to be an average SP5 that can easily get you 200-250 mediocre IP.  Grade: C-
  9. Jerrod HayesLouisville - Current Level: UNSIGNED  - Position: 2B.   Grade: N/A
  10. Carlos Benitez - Los Angeles - Current Level: AAA - Position: SP. Solid pick at #10. Benitez should be a very good SP2 or SP3.   Grade: A-

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