Monday, December 10, 2012

Season 5 Win Floors

(Missed S2+S3 win floor has penalties in place in order to return)
Needs 70 Wins (.432)
1) No IFA signing in S5..
2) Must Win 70+ games in S5 and S6
3) If there comes a point in the season where they are mathematically unable to reach their win targets I am allowed to replace them immediately.
4) A team must have a higher rated player at the ML level than what they have in the minors.. Any 3+ yr pro must be called up if the player at the ML level is inferior.. (They can wait 20 games to call up the 3yr prospect 4yr prospect must be called up at start of season..)
Tampa Bay
Needs 61 Wins (.395)
Needs 62 Wins
New York  
Needs 61 Wins (.377)
New Orleans
Needs 59 Wins (.364)
Needs 58 Wins
Needs 58 Wins
Los Angeles
Needs 57 Wins

All other teams must reach 55 (.340) wins minimum

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