Thursday, May 2, 2013

League Name Change and Committee Selection

We need one person to take the spot of RisingStar1 in the Committee as he has decided to leave us. So far phlsfan has stepped up and I've got no problem with that. The main function of the Committee is to determine wether a person that falls short of the win floor can remain in the league with a chance for 120 wins over 2 seasons. If you are interested I want to move fast on this. You have to be an NL owner.

So far I've had a couple of suggestions in chat/forums. Vin Scully is taken. willsauve posted a mugshot of some guy I don't recognize and can't see too well. I suggested Red Barber. Someone else suggested Knucklebones Radio league. I doubt that would fly but I like the sound.

I will make a poll once I feel like I have enough names gathered. Hopefully everyone will get involved and vote on things as we go including some possible rule changes/guidelines.

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