Monday, February 13, 2012

Manager of the year Candidates.... Season 1

After 100 or so games here's the potential Managers of the year for season 1.

We dont have last season numbers to indicate how blessed a team was from the start.. I used the draft order as my previous season indicator.

1) felix817              Pittsburgh Carpetbaggers                    ML: 60-52        Draft Pick:  2nd Pick
2) recondaddy        Cincinnati Red Legs                            ML: 65-47        Draft Pick:  6th Pick
3) dubrightway        Mexico City Los Dos Hermanos        ML: 78-34        Draft Pick:  18th Pick
4) RisingStar1        Norfolk Neptunes                               ML: 64-48        Draft Pick:  7th Pick
5) mr_gone            Scranton Dunder Mifflin Sabres           ML: 79-33        Draft Pick:  23rd Pick

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