Monday, January 2, 2012

AL  South  Preview  Season  1

Richmond Rebels
Richmond has great starting pitching is a few bats and RP’s away from being a real contender in season 1.
Their rotation is lead by two CY YOUNG contenders Mickey Karsay and Mike Hannity.
They should get plenty of pop out of Armando Jacquez and Ed Cox other than that Richmonds hitters are not that exciting..  Richmond needs to acquire 1-2 RP’s and a couple decent bats to make a push for the play offs.  If they can get in they would be a force with their two Cy Yong caliber starters.
Season 1 Draft Pick: 9th Pick
Prediction: 89 wins

Mexico City Los Dos Hermanos
Mexico City’s biggest strength is it’s phenomenal bats lead by MVP hopeful Orval Spencer. They have a few other above average bats that should help score plenty of runs versus the weak season 1 SP’s.  The bad news is Mexico will need a lot of runs to compete with their below average pitching staff.  They’ve made one big move to acquire Jesus Marin who should get plenty of wins to be in contention for a Cy Young trophy.  Mexico will need to acquire a SP and RP if they hope to go far in season 1.
Season 1 Draft Pick: 18th pick
Prediction: 86 wins

New Orleans Voodoo Queens
Now this team is just pathetic.  Thankfully there is a shortage in talent in this world that should enable this group of rejects to surpass the win floor.  New Orleans has no notable minor league talent and is lead by hitters 3B Lawrence Martin, LF BoomerColeman and LF Randy Pedroia. The pitching staff is lead by SP HeinieVelandia, SP Gio Bennett and RP Matty Gonzalez.  This team is looking to trade away its aging talent and look to compete in season 3 or 4.
Season 1 Draft Pick: 4th Pick
Prediction: 62 wins

Texas Wolverines
This team may even be worse than New Orleans. They should compete for the number 1 pick in season 2.  Bright spot is that they were able to trade away Jesus Marin to acquire lock down pitching prospect TommyFleming. Fleming could end up being the best RP in this world in  3-4 seasons. Overall Texas is a old team that will need to rebuild for a few seasons. 
Season 1 Draft Pick: 1st Pick
Prediction: 59 wins

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