Thursday, December 11, 2014

Updated Rules - Suggestion

Win Floor: 60/125/190/255

If an owner violates the anti-tanking rules, they may appeal. If there isn’t evidence of blatant tanking the owner will be allowed back on probationary status.
Example: if you win 50 games in season 1 and are allowed back you will need to win 75 in season 2. 

If you fall below 55 wins in more than one season or if you have back-to-back 100 loss seasons, the committee will vote on if you will be allowed back.  

** Teams missing the win floor that are allowed back will be on probation status until they reach the next win floor **
Probation sanctions are: 12M prospect budget, no IFA prospect signing over $1M

A world committee will be set up by the commish. 
It will be made up of 4 owners, 2 from the AL and 2 from the NL. 
The committee will vote on rules violations as well as admission to the world if / when vacancies occur. In case of a voting tie, then the commish will cast the tie breaking vote. 

If a committee member quits or gets kicked out, then the commish will appoint a replacement committee member. 
If the commish quits or gets kicked out, then the committee will appoint a new commish. 

All owners are expected to keep their minors stocked, to avoid fatigue problems. 
Above all the owners will be held to the WIS HBD fairplay rules. 

Budget limits: 

Budget Violations will be dealt with as follows. If a team budgets lower than the minimum they must transfer that amount from Prospect Budget and their max for prospect budgeting will be that much less overall for that seasons. Example if a team’s budgets 6M in ADV Scouting they must transfer 4M from prospect and their max prospect for that season would now be 26M. If a team does not have enough prospect $$ to transfer there may be a sanction on the following season. The Commish reserves the right to immediately expel an owner for violating this rule. 

Payroll: 115 Max 
Prospect: 30 Max 
Prospect Payroll can NOT exceed 30 million. 
(Example, if you budget 20 million for Prospect Cash, then you can only transfer in up to another 10 million). 

Penalty - 

The player or players that are signed by going over the cap will stay in Rookie league and inactive for one full seasons. The offending owner will be immediately removed from the world for this rules violation. 

HS/Col Scout: 10 Min Combined (you can go 0 in one if you go at least 10 in the other) 
Adv Scout: 10 Min 
Medical: 10 Min 
Training: 10 Min 

Must use at least a 4 man rotation. Tandem Pitching staffs are allowed as long as the Tandem A is set to 60+ Target Pitch Count. 

Trades: If cash is included in a trade then the cash can NOT exceed the player salary going with it. (Example is player A makes 2 can NOT trade 5 million and the player) 

R5 Draft: You must protect your players for the 40 man roster! 
Plenty of time to do so once budgets are set to protect your players for the Rule V Draft. There will be no "I had something come up, please take pity on me and trade me my player back." 

Stadiums: The following ballparks are banned from the league. Colorado, Santa Fe, Tucson, San Jose, Burlington ,and Tacoma 

Owners are allowed to change stadiums every 5 seasons.. New owners must remain in the current city for at least one season before they can make a change.. This will prevent a team from having a new stadium every season..  

All team names must be listed in normal text. No Symbols, No all CAPS. 

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